General Overseer of the Salvation Ministries Church, Pastor David Ibiyeomie has some of the harshest words for OAP Daddy freeze

This attack by the clergy on Freeze is coming after the recent attack He launched against Bishop Oyedepo

Pastor Ibiyeomie who regards Oyedepo as his spiritual father could no longer hold back his anger against the OaP

Who never ceases at every opportunity given to insult Bishop David Oyedepo

Meanwhile Preaching in his church recently, Ibiyeomie verbally attacked Freeze,

placing a curse on the day the OAP was born and calling him a “bast*rd”

for insulting Oyedepo who he said is his father.

According to Ibiyeomie, Freeze is not a Nigerian but a Somalian who was born inside a ship.

“You are a Bastard” - Pst Ibiyeomie Rains Insult on Daddy Freeze (Watch Video)

”Insult me I wouldn’t talk but insulting Oyedepo…..

that Bast*rd! Tell him, any day I hear him talk about Oyedepo….

do they know his father? Does Daddy Freeze have a father? That half caste who is a Somalian.

The day I hear him talk about Oyedepo again, I will deal with him.

Oyedepo may not talk but I can’t be alive and you insult my father.

Who gave birth to him? If he has a father, let him show us his father’s picture.

Somebody that they gave birth to in the ship.

Does he look like a Nigerian? That’s a Somalian.”

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Continuing, the visibly angry Ibiyeomie further said

Oyedepo may not talk but I can’t be alive while you insult my father.

I curse the day he was born. can’t be alive and you insult my father.

I will tear you into pieces, you Bast*rd!

People who have fathers don’t insult fathers. He is insulting him because he has no father.

You can never insult a father if you have a father. He has no father.

Tell him o. Tell him. This is the last time he talks about Oyedepo again.

He is a bast*rd. Does he have a father? Who is his father?

Let him show his father if he has a father?”

Ibiyeomie also went on to attack Freeze over his failed marriage.

He also insinuated that Freeze doesn’t have a good job as a broadcaster.

”Man who cannot marry. He has no wife. He can’t manage his home

and he is coming to talk on Television. Is he not the wife who left him?

A man who is a broadcaster? Does he have a good job? ”

Ibiyeomie further stated that he will get Daddy freeze arrested soon.

Meanwhile Watch the video


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