Why Olamide is Truly The King of streets – PUNA New Single

olamide puna
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So many people think Olamide Adedeji (a.k.a Baddo) is a lover of drugs and promoter of gangster-ism but in true sense he hates and  does not glorify greed, drug use, criminality or the, in general, negative lifestyle that many other musicians and rappers promote. By fact, a common theme in most of his songs is that the inciter, substance abuse, etc. is dangerous and hurtful to everybody that uses and abusers, but not just that is songs act as a tool but also his songs have a moral for everybody. For instance, his song “science student” actually decries the abuse of alcohol and drugs by portraying the struggle between present day peer pressure and a person’s conscience and showing how people that really do not want to use the substance can be pushed into it during a party environment.

Although many have views that Olamide songs are controversial but the youths and teenagers think differently of the artist and his music as every song is always an anthem on the lips of every one.

Olamide recently release a new single titled Puna which is a freestyle that is tearing the air wave.

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