Ladies and gentlemen, your favorite track on Beyoncé’s black is king Album, “Brown Skin Girl” video is out and if you haven’t seen it yet then, this isn’t a spoiler alert

Rather it is a gingerrrrr alert, so that you will be gingerrred to watch the video

We all expected the video to drop soonest after premiering on Disney,

and now the video for Beyoncé, SAINt JHN, WizKid, and Blue Ivy’s ode to dark-skinned beauties all around the world is finally on YouTube.

Well first things first, the video is too beautiful for words, With African influences, intricate, opulent styling,

and pure Black-girl joy, “Brown Skin Girl” is a revolution in six minutes.

Although we didn’t get to see so many clips of Wizkid, but the beauty of the video will reduce your disappoint

As usual “Brown skin Girl” video started with Blue Ivy’s solo,

but right before that, we could see several clips of mothers and their kids playing.

Video for Beyonce and Wizkid’s “Brown Skin Girl”

Also the scenes with Naomi Campbell, Lupita Nyong’o, Adut Akech, and Kelly Rowland could inspire an entire Met Gala theme.

“Brown Skin Girl” is technically the fourth video to come out of The Lion King: The Gift,

Bey’s soundtrack to the live-action remake of the animated film.

She dropped “Spirit” and “Bigger” with the film and “Already” with the visual album.

It’s been less than a month since Black Is King was released,

but Beyoncé would still like to remind us that she is queen with her work on “Brown Skin Girl”

Although New York Times post on African stars like Wizkid and Burna boy

being given platform by Beyoncé to shine is still a sore to our ears

We can’t but appreciate the art and beauty of this video

So without further ado, press play below and enjoy

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