This Adorable viral video of a toddler who is convinced he’s Micheal Jackson would Brighten your Face

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A video dripping with all shades of cuteness has just gone viral on social media, where a little boy is seen dancing profusely to Michael Jackson’s tracks.

Social media users were flabbergasted by the adorable toddler , whose innocent cuteness was everything to write home about.

Social media users could not get over how cute he looked, and how he was able to replicate the dance steps of the legendary late Michael Jackson. Twitter user KalieTafoya took to social media and shared the cute video with the caption: “My brother thinks he’s Michael Jackson and he got a jacket to match.”

The clip has attracted over 200,000 likes with many people agreeing that the young Michael looks all echelons of adorable. See below:

In the footage, the little boy can be seen watching the famous Thriller video and reproducing the moves. The video has an impression of over a million views presently.

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