TBoss finally shows off her daughter’s face (photo)

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TBoss has finally revealed the face of her daughter who she welcomed six months ago.

The reality TV star shared the photo on her Instagram page this evening and wrote;

There’s no greater love than the love of a mother to her child.

And that is why, selfish as it may seem I choose to shield you from the eyes of people

who may not always have the best intentions.

But I also realize that I can’t protect you forever- Not physically anyways.

And besides, it might be somewhat selfish of me not to share a part of you with the world

because you are without a doubt My Biggest Blessing & Greatest Achievement.

However, I would always pray for you & protect you spiritually-

I have committed you to The Almighty God & HE Alone watches, protects & provides for you.

You truly are a Bright & Shiny Star my Baby Starr & nobody & nothing can change that.

My Jesus Baby- anyone who blesses you would be blessed

and anyone who tries otherwise or even as much as thinks it-

would feel the wrath of My Heavenly Father swiftly & Strongly upon their lives.

Mommie Loves you Always & Forever & a Day more.” she wrote

Tboss daughter is such a beauty isn’t she.

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