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Tale of a Lekki Tenant: Episode 01

My name is Femi Richards, and this is my story – Tale of a Lekki Tenant. Becoming a Lekki Tenant was always my dream. After all, that’s where all the big boys in town landed. And who doesn’t want to mix with the big boys?

However, little did I know that dreams do turn into nightmares. And so I got what I wished for, but at what cost? Well, this was how it all began. 

How it all started for me

“Five Million Naira! Five Million Naira!! I screamed in excitement and great ecstasy. “Benny, I don port ooooo!” I shouted aloud to the top of my voice right inside the lotto office popularly known as ‘Baba Ijebu’. I had played and lost money several times playing a particular number in my attempt to win a fortune. On this day, I just could not believe my luck! I had just won a lottery for five million Naira!

Benjamin Uzodinma, my roommate, fellow lotto player, and friend was there with me as usual. We had always prayed for luck to shine on us whenever we played Baba Ijebu. Today, we just couldn’t believe such luck was shining upon us. God was really blessing us! 

Benjamin and I grabbed each other in passionate, unbridled excitement; thanking the heavens and basking in our luck.

“You are rich bro!” Ben said. “Chai!! See Money!!”

People around us began to congratulate me already. In great jubilation and celebration, I bought some soft drinks for everyone present with the little cash I had on me. What’s Twenty Thousand Naira when Five Million Naira was already waiting for me to claim? 

But I had to be extra careful, though. Ajegunle boys were not friendly when it comes to money. Those smiling with me might end up coming to snatch the money away from me. 

Tales of a Lekki Tenant

Just like that? I had become a millionaire. Eeh! See money! Instantly, my brain began to calculate and allocate where every dime of that cash would be spent on. Kai, the kind of posh ride I’ll like to get, the luxury apartment, the designer clothes, and shoes. And then popping champagne bottles at the most elite of clubs. These wishes were about to come true. Mehn that would be the life! The millionaire’s life! 

Aaah! Dupe go take! Shey, it is money she’s after and that was why she dumped me for that illiterate Ajegunle champion. In truth, no one truly knows what tomorrow holds. She would never have imagined I’d become a millionaire a few weeks after she dumped me for the local rogue. I had decided after our breakup to stay away from girls as they’ve caused me nothing but troubles and calamities. 

Ben and I left the lotto office to different destinations expecting to have my account credited with the cash the next day.


Tale of a Lekki Tenant – The Plan

I wanted so badly to become a Lekki tenant. So I consulted with my friend Ben. I needed his advice.

Ben was an Accountant by profession. He was like a brother to me. I could trust him with my whole life. So, that night we got ourselves a hotel room to discuss how the money was going to be spent.

Getting a nice car was the first thing on my mind. But then Ben was not in support of that. He advised me to focus on pushing my music career. He warned against lavishing the money on things that would diminish in value over time, like a car. I saw reason with him. 

So, I decided I would first focus on my music career. Then second, once I am established as a music star, I can then possess personal luxuries. But before all that, I would need to get a new apartment.

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My Background Before my Tale as a Lekki Tenant

I wasn’t born with a silver spoon. My parents’ residence was a rented 2-bedroom apartment somewhere in Ajegunle. They weren’t wealthy. But at least they were able to sponsor our education – me and my other siblings – to an appreciable degree. I couldn’t just sit at home doing nothing after graduating from University.

I’ve always had a flair for music. And several times while I was still in school, I recorded songs in the studio. I collaborated with some musicians too. 

My parents weren’t comfortable with it. There was always a clash concerning my joblessness and love for music. They vehemently disapproved of me becoming a musician!

It got to a stage I couldn’t bear it anymore. I left the house to go stay with Ben in his one-room apartment in AJ city. This afforded me ample time to practice my musical talents. 

As a result, I was able to produce beats for some upcoming artists. Though I had charged little money from them, what I got was enough to keep body and soul together.

On his part, Ben was also living on a peanut salary from the small audit firm he worked at. Life at that time had been about surviving on whatever we could get to put food in our mouths. Little did we know things were about to angle around for the better. For behold, I had become a millionaire overnight!

Tale of a Corporate Gold Digger: Episode 01 Linda Okorie (legacytvng.com)

Change of Priority

My priority later changed from getting a car to getting a good place to live in. It was really embarrassing seeing a refined man like me living in such a ghetto area like AJ city. And so I decided we moved to Lekki and become a Lekki tenant. 

Renting an apartment couldn’t be that expensive, I had thought. At least it wouldn’t take the whole five million Naira! So, I became emboldened.

I had always known I would become a millionaire one day. When the chance came along with such tremendous luck, I planned on utilising the opportunity to its fullest. No time for dulling!

Ben’s Opposition

Ben kicked against my plan. He insisted the cheapest apartment couldn’t be less than a million in Lekki. 

In addition, I would be spending a fortune on furnishings and other luxuries. He made this point very clear to me.

However, I reasoned that should I spend two million naira in total, I would still have three million naira left. 

Plus, staying in Lekki as a Lekki tenant has its advantages. The fact I am a Lekki tenant would put me in good stead to roll with the other Lekki Big Boys! That meant money would flow from my expanded connections. So, I concluded I must become a Lekki tenant.

Little did I know, however, I was in for the greatest awakening of my life! Was I ready for the ride? Was becoming a Lekki tenant the best I could have done with my five million? At the time, mattered to me other than becoming a full Lekki tenant. A supposed Big Boy!

And so, the journey as a Lekki Big Boy began.



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