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Tale of a Corporate Gold Digger: Episode 02

The Story of Linda Okorie

Linda Okorie- Tale of a Corporate Gold Digger continues in the latest episode. In this episode we take a look at Julia’s schemes as they unfold. More drama follows…

Linda Okorie was lying on the center couch in the living room when the door opened as Julia dashed into the room.

    Immediately, Linda saw her enter and got up hurriedly to greet her. She asked excitedly, “How far? How did it go?”

    “It went really great!” Replied Julia in a much more level tone, masking her inner fulfillment at landing Linda’s job.

    However, Linda senses Julia’s reserved demeanour. And then her mood changed from excitement to one of apprehension. “What’s the matter, Julia? Isn’t getting the job good news?”

    “Yeah, it’s good news. But then I had to open up to the MD about the whole truth.”

    Linda was shocked. “You mean about our swap?”

    “Yeah.” She lied and took a seat on the other couch.

    Linda could not believe it. “He found out?”


    “But how did he?”

    “I don’t know. But the man found out. And then became very furious.”

    “Jesus! What did he say?”

    “Well, he almost threw me out of the office at first,” she lied again. “But then I fell to the ground and pleaded. Then he said he wouldn’t be giving you the job. And that the position was already filled. 

Linda Okorie: Tale of a Corporate Gold Digger – Episode 02

However, he then said since I was present and had shown much persistence, he would give me a trial at another position anyway.”

    Hearing this subdued Linda.

    “I am sorry, Linda; I know how bad you wanted this job.”

    “Yeah,” Linda replied. “But then something good still did come out of it in the end. So, I don’t have much to complain about, really. As a matter of fact, I am happy you got the job for yourself.”

    Julia was surprised to hear that. “Are you serious?”

    Linda answered. “Yeah. Let’s celebrate after all.” She was of happy cheer again. “Everything happens for a reason, Julia.”

    Julia was excited now. “Abi.” Evidently, her plan had taken a turn for the better. “So, you are not disappointed or angry at me?”

    Linda answered. “Why should I? You went in my place. But I had already lost the job before you even got there. You got the job wholly and squarely on your own rights. It would have been different if it were otherwise.”


    They both laughed.

    “I will go get something from the fridge to celebrate,” Linda said, getting up.


    Linda was off to the kitchen. “So when do you start?” She asked Julia from the kitchen.


    Then suddenly Julia saw something under the table. She quickly bent over and picked it up. It was a condom wrapper.

    “Linda, did anyone come here today?” She asked, masking the curiosity in her voice.

    Linda replied from the kitchen. “No. Why do you ask?”

    Julia knew she had lied. “Nothing. Just asking.”


    Julia recognised the condom wrap and got really pissed.



Linda Okorie: Tale of a Corporate Gold Digger – Episode 02


Julia had arrived at work that morning dressed stunningly. She wore a nice-fitted black pencil skirt and a sky-blue fitted, vertically striped long-sleeved shirt. She was welcomed to the company by the supervisor Maryann Thomas. Maryann was a 35-year-old double Master’s Degree holder in Marketing and Business Administration from Unilag. She showed Julia around and introduced her to the rest of the staff.

    Then she introduced her to her marketing team. The marketing team included the following members: Martins Afolabi, a 25-year-old Marketing graduate from Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye. Then Janet Matthews, a 22-year-old Marketing graduate of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. The third member was Kafayat Ahmed, a 26-year-old graduate of Mass Communications from Nassarawa State University.

    Julia was the youngest of the lot at just 21 years of age. But her mature looks didn’t give her age away. She was glad.

    Supervisor Maryann introduced Julia to the rest of the staff and the marketing team. “Hello everyone, this is Miss Linda Okorie, our new marketer. Miss Okorie also doubles as a PA to the MD. Please let us all give her our cooperation and make her feel at home here at TEKO PEARLS.”

    Everyone welcomed Miss Linda Okorie with smiles and healthy applause. Julia did not mind being addressed as Linda Okorie. As long as her plan worked out, nothing else mattered.

    Julia was glad to be part of the family already. Even though she would have to make do with the fake name of Linda Okorie instead of her real name Julia Okochi. Julia decided she would have to live with it. At least in the meantime, she thought. She continued to smile at the warm reception.

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Julia’s Parting Gift to her Boyfriend, Nosa

That night, Julia went to see her boyfriend of three years, Nosa Benson. Nosa was a 25-year-old unemployed graduate of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Benin. They were making hot love on the bed. 

    Nosa was very passionate and caring. 

    “Wow!” Nosa declared after the third round of passionate lovemaking. “I never knew you could be this much of a Tiger,” he said with great excitement.

    Julia was acting cool. 

She began to dress after making love to Nosa.

    “I learnt you got a job today?”

    Julia is surprised to hear that. “Who told you?”

    “Who else? Linda, of course!” He replied delightedly.

    “I see,” she said coolly again and then continued to dress up.

    “Where are you going?” Nosa asked, surprised at how many clothes she was putting back on. “You are putting back on all you came with.”

    “Yeah,” she replied. “That’s because I’m heading back home.”

    Nosa was surprised to hear that. “But you just came in not long ago?”

    “Nosa, we’ve had sex – three times in fact, in the last one hour.”


    “Well, that’s all I could give.”

Linda Okorie: Tale of a Corporate Gold Digger – Episode 02

    She had put all her clothes back on at this point. Then she grabbed the remaining condom packet they had used and started counting them.

    “What do you mean by that? And why are you counting the remaining condoms?”


She finished counting the condoms and then returned them to the bed.

    “You are not answering my questions, Julia.”

“See, Nosa, I am just returning from work. I have just had sex with you. I am obviously tired. But then that’s not even the point at this time.”

    “Then what is the point?” Nosa asked, unable to follow her sudden and strange behaviour and statement.

    “Truth is, Nosa, I just came here to give you your last sex with me, ever. I’m done with this relationship. We are not getting anywhere together. It’s over,” She said as bluntly as anyone could muster.

    Nosa was left stunned. “What? Why are you ending this!?”

    “Because of this!” She angrily threw the condom wrap she found in Linda’s place to Nosa’s face.

    Nosa saw it and was instantly stunned. “Shit!”


1. Why did Julia sleep with Nosa even though she had already found out he had cheated on her with her cousin, Linda?

2. What would be Nosa’s explanation for his infidelity?

3. Will Julia confront her cousin Linda about the affair?



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