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Tale of a Corporate Gold Digger: Episode 01

The story of Linda Okorie

Linda Okorie was getting ready for her job interview. She was scheduled to meet with a Magazine company, TEKO PEARLS, somewhere in Lekki, Lagos State. It was about a 30minutes drive from her residence in Thomas Estate, Ajah; barring the usual traffic along the Ajah-Victoria Island axis that steals most commuters’ time daily in the new commercial center of Lagos. Time was of the essence. 

    Suddenly, she didn’t feel so good. She tried to overcome the pain and discomfort. But it was already overwhelming her. 

    She cried, “Ah, my stomach! My God!”

    Immediately, Julia Okochi, her strange look-alike cousin sister, dashed into the room, alarmed by Linda’s cries.

    “What is it?” she asked Linda.

    “I don’t know Julia! Just one minute I am preparing for the interview, and the next my stomach feels like a gallon of acid has been emptied into it.”

    “Let me get you some water then?”

    Linda accepted, still in pain. “Ok.”

    Julia hurriedly made her way to the kitchen and then returned with a glass of water. “Here,” she gave Linda the water.

    Linda collected it and drank the water.

    But her condition didn’t get any better afterward.

    “Julia, I don’t think I can make it to this interview,” She said to her.

    “Why not?” asked Julia. “This marketing job position means a lot to you. You’ve always dreamt of working in that company.”

    “I know,” Linda said, frustrated. “But I feel very sick. I don’t think I can recover on time to make it there before the interview is over.”

The Proposal

    “So, what are you going to do?” Julia asked, concerned. “Should I call their Human Resources and inform them of your condition?”

    Linda grabbed Julia’s hands, still feeling the discomfort in her stomach. “There won’t be any need for that,” she told Julia firmly. “That may be futile. I just need you to go over there in my stead.”

    Julia found this surprising. “You are joking, aren’t you? You can’t possibly be serious?”

    “I am dead serious, Julia. We both look alike and you know every single thing about me to the minutest detail. You can give it a try and see how it goes. Besides, I am yet to submit my passport so they don’t really know how I really look”

    “You mean I should impersonate you? That would be impossible to pull off. What you are asking me to do is criminal.”

    “Don’t put it that way; you make it sound like it is a crime. People do this in JAMB all the time and nobody ever finds out.”

    “It is a crime, Linda. And what if I get caught? And, point of correction, JAMB is different from a face-to-face interview. I will be caught, I know it.”

    Linda instantly reassured her, “You won’t; trust me. By the time you put on my wig and my dresses, with a little make-up, no one would ever notice! They won’t ever suspect you are not the same person in my details. And like I said, no one really knows how I look. I only submitted my plain CV; that’s all.”

    “I can’t believe you’re asking me to do this!”

    “It’s the only way; otherwise, I will lose the job of my dreams! Please, Julia, do this for me and I will be greatly indebted to you. If they find out, just tell them what happened and that you only wanted them to give me a chance.”

    Julia found herself in a fix. But after thinking it through, she agreed.

    Linda was very excited. However, the pain continued, and this time more severe. She rushed to the toilet immediately.

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The Interview of Linda Okorie

The Managing Director of TEKO PEARLS, Mr. Olufemi Jacobs, a clean-shaven, middle-aged man about 6ft tall with a moderate British accent, was going through Julia’s CV. Linda’s as a matter of fact.

    Julia, standing in as Linda Okorie, was seated across from him on the other side of his desk. She was greatly apprehensive but tried not to show it.

    “Excuse me Miss Linda Okorie,” he said to Julia. 

    Julia was nervous to hear him call her Linda’s name, but quickly hid it. “No problem, Sir.”

    Mr. Jacobs cross-checked the data on the CV and the information before his computer monitor on his desk. He frowned and then looked up at Julia. “You look quite different from the photos I have here with me, Miss Linda Okorie.”

    Julia’s heart dropped. She quickly got up apologizing, “Sir, I can explain.”

    “Explain what, Linda? I didn’t say you had done something wrong.”

    Julia was confused. She believed she had been caught and her facade uncovered. But the MD’s action told differently.

    The MD went through her files again and cast her a curious look. Then he smiled at her.

    Julia felt like disappearing at that instant.

    “Well,” he coughed, adjusted his glasses, and then continued. “I can see you’re very well qualified for the marketing position here at TEKO PEARLS. But then, you see, Miss Linda Okorie, I believe that is your real name?”

    Julia wanted to answer the question, but the MD cut her off and continued before she got the chance. “I can only be convinced when I see you return good numbers from the fields. Paper qualification doesn’t mean much to me,” he said with a wry, conceited smile.

    Juliet took a deep breath. “I can assure you, sir, getting results is all I do all my life”.

    “I see,” said the MD, smiling. “It’s easier said than done, though. But I appreciate your enthusiasm.”

    “Sir, to prove my worth to you and to show you I mean everything I have said in this interview, I am willing to work on no pay for the first month or two to show you my commitment. If at the end of the month you are not impressed by my services, you can terminate my employment and you wouldn’t be losing a dime.”

    This proposition shook Mr. Jacobs, who cast her a curious glance for a few seconds. At that moment he appraised her figure closely. “Stand up Miss Okorie.”

    Immediately, she got up.

    Mr. Jacobs loved what he saw. 

The Lusting

    Julia was endowed with a gorgeous, perfectly shaped body, made even more omnipresent by the huge set of breasts adorning her chest. Her waist was attractively thin, her stomach sumptuously flat. Her buttock was round and full, matched with perfect hips any man would die for.

    Mr. Jacobs was enjoying every bit of Julia’s bodily presentation.

    “Turn around,” he said.

    This took Julia by surprise. “Excuse me?” she asked, feigning ignorance of his real intention.

    “I asked you to turn around so I could access if you have the physique for this job,” he repeated, with a wry smile again. “It’s standard practice for everyone working in a top-class magazine company like ours to show that they’ve got the basic bodily requirement to ace the job, seeing that you may be engaged from time to time to do some modeling jobs around here if the need arises.”

    Julia made sense of that. “Ok sir,” she replied politely.

    She then put up a sensuous show for the MD who seemed to be loving all of it.

    “You don’t seem out of place at all Miss Okorie. And you don’t appear nervous in the least as well.”

    “I want to prove to you I can do this job, sir.”

    Then he nodded and faced her squarely. “Very well. How about you doubling as a marketer and my very personal PA?”

    “Whatever you want me to do, sir.”

    He smiled delightedly. “In that case, young lady, you have the job!”

    Julia is instantly overtaken by excitement. “Really?”

    “Really.” He affirmed. “You start tomorrow.”

    “Wow! Thank you, sir!”

    Mr. Jacobs smiled mischievously at the coming together of his plan. That’s ultimately to own her body and soul.

    Julia knew her bodily credentials had gotten her the job, not her cousin’s qualifications on paper. She was getting Linda’s job, but she was going to make the best of it, and not even Linda could take the job back from her now.

    She smiled at the deception cooking in her mind whilst giving a fake smile of appreciation towards Mr. Jacob for offering her the job.

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Linda Okorie – The Betrayal

As soon as Julia got out of the building, she dialed her boyfriend’s number to relay the good news.


Nosa Benson was on the call with Julia. “Wow, that’s fantastic news! I can’t wait!”

    “Can’t wait to see you, my love!” 

Then Julia hung up.

    Nosa dropped the phone and returned to the activity he was engaged in before the call came in. 

    He was making love with Linda.

    Linda asked him immediately after he got off the phone, “Was that Julia?”

    “Yes,” he said, pounding away at Linda. 

    “Then we better hurry before she gets back.”

They both kissed passionately and then got back to their lovemaking.

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Questions of the Episode

1. Why was Nosa making love to Julia’s Cousin sister Linda?

2. Did Linda intentionally miss her own interview just to make love to Nosa, her cousin’s boyfriend?

3. Would Julia find out her boyfriend is cheating on her with her cousin?



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