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Sola Sobowale Professes Love for Co-Actor Ade Tiger (Video)

Nolloywood Veteran actor Sola Sobowale has shed more light on the special relationship she shares with her co-actor Titi Kuti aka Ade Tiger

For those who don’t know, Titi Kuti is a Nigerian actor, film producer, model, and television host who was related to the late iconic singer Fela Kuti. Additionally, he appeared in King of Boys: The Return of the King as Ade Tiger.

People have been talking about Sola Sobowale and Titi’s relationship outside of their professional lives.

Well the actress has come out to clarify the situation by stating that her friendship with Titi went beyond acting.

Sola Sobowale revealed that she sees him as her son and loves him so much.

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Sola Sobowale Professes Love for Co-Actor Ade Tiger (Video)
Sola Sobowale and Ade Tiger

She stated in the video and we quote

“It’s more than acting now because I see him as my son and I love him so much. There’s something about Titi Kuti, he’s a good listener, very very respectful and has a lot of etiquette. Well brought up! When you see a chap like this, you’ll see that he is down to earth, very very humble. So when I saw him, I said, Omo you got to move in, don’t stay behind there. I told him something that he has to be a pilot, he has to go do that and I’m pushing him on it, I won’t let him stay, he’s still moving. On the move, we move. Ade Tiger, yeah yeah till I die!.

Recently, we reported on How Sola landed her very first role in Bollywood.

She shared the exciting news on her instagram, stating that she cannot wait to star in the movie.

The Movie, produced by Hamisha Daraniyo is the second movie she will be working on, the first being Namaste Wahala.

Which is the very first Nigerian Bollywood to be made

Meanwhile check out the video by clicking HERE



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