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Side Chicks: Marriage Helpers or Home Breakers?

The two sides of the relationship coin

Side Chicks: Do they help or break marriages? This saying has remained an ageless question.

And according to Ghanaian actor Michael Agyare, they help the marriage last. To him, side chicks are marriage helpers and not home breakers.

This much the actor said in an interview he gave recently. According to him, they are the reason most marriages haven’t hit the rocks.

In his words: “In most cases, they don’t end up getting married to them. A Side chick are important in marriages

because they help the marriage or relationship stand on its feet. And most married women don’t know this.”

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Side Chicks: Marriage Helpers or Home Breakers?

However, what he failed to clarify is that adultery is a sin. If side chick are marriage helpers and not home breakers, is that not encouraging adultery? A married man having side chicks is flirting with adultery. So, therefore, can sinfulness sustain the sanctity of marriage?

Though Actor Agyare’s point may seem valid to many. Nevertheless, sin is sin! Adultery is adultery!

Furthermore, many people will find his opinion that side chicks are marriage helpers foreign to our culture.

Additionally, most people see them as unscriptural. Hence, they consider them home breakers, not marriage helpers.

Finally, there is never any guarantee one side chick will be enough for the philandering man. So, one side chick can be another side chick’s side chick!

And then there is always that danger of managing side chicks’ rivalry.

Ultimately, whether or not the Ghanaian actor Michael Agyare is right about them is up for debate. Are side chicks marriage helpers or home breakers? Be sure to have people camping on both sides of the question.

But one thing is sure: cheating doesn’t guarantee marital happiness and relationship security.

Or does it?



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