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Shettima; Borno CAN President Hails Tinubu on His Choice

APC Presidential candidate Tinubu has come under fire by Nigerians after unveiling Shettima

who is also a muslim as his running mate

Nigerians are against this match, as it means two Muslims will be running the country as against a Muslim-Christian

However, the president of the Borno state branch of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Bishop Mohammed Naga, has hailed Tinubu’s choice

According to Arise news, Bishop Naga in a statement released today July 11, said the Christian community in Borno State

has never had a better deal than under Shettima who was at the helm in the state between 2011 and 2019.

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Borno CAN President Hails Tinubu for Picking Shettima as His Running Mate

furthermore, Naga, who described Shettima as a compassionate leader, said:

“My brothers, those who are not from Borno State may not know, but you and I know better.

In the history of Borno State, there is no Governor that has been fair to the Christian Community in this State

as much as Governor Kashim Shettima.

I am saying this in the presence of God Almighty and this is nothing but the truth.

Governor Shettima, in the history of Borno, is the only Governor

that has sponsored highest number of Christian Pilgrims every year since 2011.

I am speaking boldly without fear or favour

because as CAN Chairman I do not receive salary or kobo from Government or any institution,

but the facts need to be told. This Governor has shown compassion to the Christian Community.”

For example, when Gwoza people were driven from their ancestral homes,

they fled to Maiduguri, and the Governor personally came to CAN Centre in Jerusalem ward two times in June and July 2014.

He gave N10 million for their upkeep at first instance, but the victims were not many.

By the end of October 2014, the IDPs from Gwoza increased to 42,000 in that camp alone.

Governor Shettima came again and gave another N10 million.

He also gave additional N5 million for Christians from Borno who fled to Cameroon to be returned home.

He gave another N5 million for non-indigenes who fled to Cameroon to come back to Nigeria.

The Governor even directed the Borno State Emergency Management Agency, SEMA

to be supplying food directly to the IDPs under the Christian leadership.

In fact, the Governor insisted that he wanted Christian IDPs

to stay together with their Muslim counterparts in various designated IDP camps here in Maiduguri

but we the leaders felt it wise to separate Christian IDP’S

to avoid frictions between displaced persons dealing with trauma.”

Sincerely speaking as a Christian and a preacher,

absolutely I have nothing to fear about Asiwaju’s picking a Muslim as his running mate,

because he’s not a religious bigot and I’m happy he has made his mind known to the public in the person of his preferred running mate.

Seeing another Presidential candidate applauding him is a plus for him and supporters of Asiwaju. 

Congratulations to the awaiting president and vice president.”

Meanwhile, this will be the first time since 1993 that a major party will pull a Muslim-Muslim presidential ticket

The last being Social Democratic Party’s MKO Abiola and Babagana Kingibe.

Now the question remains, will Nigeria be willing to accept a Muslim-Muslim Presidency?

Because whether you like it or not this country is still very much enmeshed into religion

And the Christians would also want their person on the presidential seat

All the same, we will keep watch as all the drama unfolds.



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