Scatter Vs Lady; Which is the Ultimate Party Hit song? (Video)

Fireboy’s Scatter and REMA’S Lady are undoubtedly two of the hottest party jams currently rocking the airwaves at the moment.

Rema was the first to release Lady, and it quickly became many’s favorite party jam.

It has the right funk, percussions and tune to make one go Gaga, well that’s what Rema knows how to do best.

On the other hand we have Fireboy’s scatter, a party single off his critically acclaimed studio album; “Laughter, Tears and Goosebumps”.

REMA’S Lady vs Fireboy’s Scatter

This single also became many’s party favorite, Infact you can’t but move to the beat when it comes on.

Produced by the one and only Rhidimacoolayor, the beat is everything and more one needs to go crazy in the club.

But you all know how this works, many people are fond of comparing these two’s work all the time.

And well this time around, we have decided to ask you, which is your ultimate party jam, between REMA’S Lady and Fireboy’s scatter.

Check out the video below;