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Sad! Nollywood Actor Kenneth Aguba Seen Living on the Streets

Things are certainly not looking up for Veteran Nollywood actor Kenneth Aguba, who was recently spotted living on the streets.

This was spark off due to the photos of the actor making the rounds on social media

In the images making the rounds, the actor is seating in an unroofed shelter with what appears to be cooking items belonging to him.

According to a Twitter handler, the actor lives in the dilapidated building after becoming homeless.

Popular for playing comic and ‘red cap’ chief roles, Kenneth Aguba has been in over a dozen Nollywood home videos.

Sad! Nollywood Actor Kenneth Aguba Seen Living on the Streets

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Furthermore since the viral photos, the Actors Guild of Nigeria has come under intense criticism, with disturbed fans questioning the Guild’s mandate.

Sad! Nollywood Actor Kenneth Aguba Seen Living on the Streets

While the AGN is yet to react to Aguba’s viral photos, its national president, Emeka Rollas has however made recent moves to address crowdfunding for veterans in distress.

Last month, the Guild introduced a Trust fund and HMO plan to aid members with health crisis.

The Guild further unveiled the fund committee led by veteran actress Joke Silva

in a statement shared via its president Emeka Rollas.

We also set up the AGN Trust Fund to help put a stop

to the usual alms begging to raise funds to support our members in health crises.

This was also to discourage the reprihensible manner some persons publicly gifts nollywood sick members financial aid.

We consider these methods very embassing for an Industry

that contributes so much to the country’s GDP,” an excerpt of the statement reads.

To make these supports more civil, donors can mention specific person’s they wish to medically assist whilst depositing money to the Trust Fund account.

The Trust Fund is in the hands of Committee with leadership by Veteran Actor, Joke Silva.

We do hope that help meets the actor real soon



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