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Review; Why “The King’s Horseman; Eleshin Oba” Is A Must Watch!

Much anticipated film, Eleshin Oba: The King’s Horseman dropped on Netflix on Friday, November 4th. Directed by Late Biyi Bandele from the stables of Ebony Life productions, movie lovers were on their toes to know what the film will look like.

Adapted from Wole Soyinka’s 1975, Death and the King’s Horseman, this movie did justice to the original story. This film well-grounded in tradition tells the story of the King’s messenger who must die after the death of the king.

Eleshin Oba: The King's Horseman Is a Tale of Lust, and Tradition
Poster of the film

Call it a ritual suicide, the Eleshin, is explained to follow the King to the world beyond, so at a certain time after the King’s demise, he is expected to die also.

In Netflix’s Eleshin Oba: The King’s Horseman, Odunlade Adekola plays the role of the Eleshin. On the day he is supposed to die, he is moved by his lust, an action that will stop the ritual and spell doom for all of the Yoruba race.

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For those criticising this film, they may be in the wrong (just my opinion though). The movie is filled with an array of stars who brought their expertise to play. Shaffy Bello played the role of the Iyaloja, who stood her ground when the Eleshin failed in his role.

It was also good to see singer Brymo (Olawale Ashimi) sing and act at the same time. This movie may have just launched Odunlade’s career to higher heights setting him up for bigger platforms.

Meanwhile, this film came with its shortcomings. For example, how did the Eleshin and Mr Pikings understand each other while speaking Yoruba and English respectively?

This film is still trending on Netflix and it’s a good watch anytime, any day.



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