Regina Daniels Reveals Her Husband’s Weakness to Big Breast Women

Pregnant Regina Daniels in a trending video has revealed one of her husband’s weakness

Apparently Ned Nwoko is a sucker for Big breasted women

In a video uploaded on her social media page, Regina can be seeing bidding her friend goodbye

Telling her to leave her house, because of her husband

Regina Daniels can be seen saying that it is not wise for women

to allow their busty friends into their matrimonial homes, though it seems she was joking.

In the video, a heavily pregnant Regina is seen bidding her friend goodbye after a visit.

Regina asks her friend to give her a hug and the friend obliges.

Regina then comments on the lady’s boobs, saying it isn’t wise to have busty friends over.

Regina Daniels reveals her husband has weakness for big breasts

“We shouldn’t allow girls with big breasts to come to our matrimonial home,” Regina says, then adds in Igbo,  “Because of my husband.”

Watch the video below.

Though this is obviously a joke, maybe there is a hint of truth in those words

Does Ned Nwoko love big breasted girls?

Anyways that’s a question for another time. The young actress is definitely glowing with her pregnancy

It was just a few days ago she released some maternity photo shoot, showing her baby bump in all its glory 

And we love how her husband announced the arrival of their baby, he wrote;

”My baby is going to have a baby”