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Talented female artist Eva Alordiah, who recently turned 31, took to her social media to celebrate it.

The rapper, in her statement on social media, bravely revealed that there was a point in her life she wanted to commit suicide. Thankfully, she has been able to move past that point and is in a much better space.

“Apparentlyyyyyy!!!! This is what 31 looks like. 😀It’s been a long walk to get here, from almost taking my own life to being here now, living my life with a single mission to help you live yours better. I am blessed indeed. 
Use me as proof that you can overcome too.
The next year is going to be ooooohhhh so good, I am excited for what we will accomplish together.
Thank you for your sweetness, you have made me feel more Alive! 💦 #WaterWomanEvaAlordiah 

Elohor Eva Alordiah better known as Eva Alordiah or simply Eva, is a Nigerian rapper, entertainer, make-up artist, fashion designer and entrepreneur. She is considered one of the best female rappers in Nigeria. Since her breakthrough into the Nigerian music industry, Eva has garnered several awards including one Nigeria Entertainment Award from 4 nominations, one Eloy Award, and one YEM award from 2 nominations

Photo Credit: @evaxalordiah

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