Rape; Dbanj’s Accuser Seyitan Babatayo Releases more Proof

Nigerian Police denies detaining Seyitan against her will

As the battle for who is a victim and who is the Oppressor continues, Seyitan Babatayo, Dbanj’s Rape accuser

Has revealed more details about the case and the ordeal she has been through so far

And with these newly released details, it seems more true that Dbanj may be guilty of rape

Seyitan in a press Release decided to clarify and straighten some rumors flying around

According to the press release, Dbanj and his team has been oppressing her with police and arrest

Contrary to the news that she and her mom was arrested, Seyitan reveals that just her was detained

She said that 4 men pretending to be from a dispatch office broke into her house and arrested her

Detaining here for close to 2days before being picked up by Dbanj’s team and further locked up

Seyitan Releases more Proofs against Dbanj

She was then forced to go online and refute her earlier statements, claiming it was for clout she did it

Seyitan says it was the help of well meaning Nigerians and her family that she could be found

On why she revealed the rape incident after it happened 2yrs back

Seyitan says she was appalled when Dbanj went online to speak about rape, condemning the act

She further adds that she couldn’t hold back, and then called him out for the same act he committed on her in 2018

Knowing that her coming out will lead to all sorts of issues, she then decided to report the case to the police

But was rejected and asked to leave.

Seyitan says even till date she still receives harassing calls from Dbanj’s team

Bragging that he can buy any police or judge in the country if he wants to

Meanwhile Dbanj too have spoken up on the allegations leveled against him

According to the singer, he is not guilty until he is proven so by a court.

Well we will bring you more details as they unfold, meanwhile check out the full press release from Seyitan below;