Nicki Minaj and Ex, Meek Mill Fight Dirty on Twitter (See Tweets)

Nicki minaj and Meek Mill battle

If you think you have heard the last of Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill, well then think again, as the exes are currently dragging themselves on twitter.

Nicki Minaj who has been off social media for a while now, seems to be back just to fight it out with Meek Mill online.

Recall that a video made the rounds on social media few days ago, of Meek and Nicki’s Husband, Kenneth having a confrontation at a shopping mall.

Well we guess this introduced us to the current war between the exes.

It all started after Nicki Minaj took to her Instagram stories to respond to Meek Mill liking a post making fun of her husband Kenneth Petty’s outfit.

She then posted several photos on her Story making fun of Meek Mill and calling him a clown as well as alleging that he’s abusive towards women.

Exes, Meek Mill and Nicky Minaj fight dirty on Twitter as they trade outrageous accusations?

Nicky wrote, “U do IT for likes. #TwitterFingers beat women, scared of men.”

She later took to Twitter to fire more shots at Meek Mill and alleged that Meek attacked her in front of his mother and also beat up his own sister.

Well the drag continued for a while, with Meek throwing his own punches at her too.

See their combatant tweets below;