New York beats Wuhan to Become the Epic Centre of Coronavirus

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Wuhan China is no longer the epic Centre of the novel Coronavirus, as New York has overtook the city.

From the recent reports received, the city now records the largest number of confirmed cases of the virus.

New York now has an increased case of 159,937 after 10,000 new infections were recorded in 24 hours.

In comparison, Spain has over 152,000 cases while Italy has more than 142,000.

China, which is where the Coronavirus first broke out currently has nearly 83,000 infections.

The United States has 469,450 cases, making them the only country with the larges cases of Coronavirus in the World.

In terms of fatalities, Italy’s death toll is the highest with more than 18,000 cases.

New York becomes Epic Centre for Coronavirus

The US follows with 16,715 and then Spain with 15,300.  New York’s death toll as of Thursday was just over 7,000.

Many Americans have called out the president over his sloppy handling of the issue.

They noted that things would have been kept under control if President Trump had taken the virus serious.

While China is slowly returning back to normal day to day activities,

The United States is falling in deeper into the novel pandemic called Coronavirus.

Hopefully soon, America can fight and Beat this virus