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Moment Tinubu Likened Funke Akindele To An Ant (Video)

Bola Ahmed Tinubu, a presidential candidate, has ridiculed politician and actress Funke Akindele.

The 2023 presidential candidate blasted his supporters for singing with Funke Akindele’s name in His presence

At one of his rallies in Lagos, his supporters had sang the praises of Funke Akindele and compared her to him.

Irritated by the comparison, Bola Tinubu warn them never to mention the actress’s name in his presence.

For him, it is an insult to do such.

Furthermore Tinubu said this at a political outing on Wednesday, November 2, where his supporters sang a campaign song,

describing Funke Akindele as a political ‘ant’ compared to Governor of Lagos state and governorship candidate of the APC in the state, Babajide Sanwo-Olu. 

Moment Tinubu Likened Funke Akindele To An Ant (Video)

The APC presidential candidate said; 

“Who is Funke Akindele before Sanwo-Olu of Lagos? She is an ant. 

“Don’t even bother to mention her name in my presence. It is an insult. It is disrespectful.”

Moment Tinubu Likened Funke Akindele To An Ant (Video)

You can watch the video by clicking HERE

Meanwhile Funke Akindele is running as the deputy governorship candidate under the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

The movie star made the announcement known via her Instagram page on Tuesday, July 12, 2022.

“Dear Lagosians it is important to share with you my decision to venture into what I consider a much bigger facet to serve humanity.

I however am convinced it is right to hear from me directly.

With my main career in the entertainment industry spanning over 25 years and the God-given race

to achieve quite remarking success I have the privilege to work with different people,” she said.

“I saw it as an opportunity to help liberate and improve the wellbeing of our people, particularly the deprived youth, women and the girl child,” she added

“My decision is not just to accept this huge responsibility but to also work tirelessly

and complement Jandor’s burning desire to see our dear Lagos live up to its full potential.”



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