“Men Should Protect Their Wives From Home Stress By Helping Them” Actor Akah Nanni

Nollywood actor, Akah Nanni has expressed his concern over women who are left to do all the domestic chores in their homes.

In a lengthy post on Instagram, Akah Nanni  states that a man should protect his wife from stress by helping out at home.

He also stated that men should protect their families from the social damage of having an absent father.

Akah Nanni shared some photos of himself doing house chores with the caption:

“I believe a man’s responsibility is to protect the woman, his wife, from stress.

In these times, fathers are to protect their kids from germs.

Help your kids wash their hands.

Protect your family from the social damage of having an absent father.

We always talk about ‘wife material’ well, there should be #HusbandMaterial too then.

We live in a world where women are unfairly burdened with the responsibility of caring for the home alone.

They cook, clean, take care of the kids and all sorts… Then still have to do work.

I’ve been married for over a year now and before marriage,

I always knew I didn’t want domestic help.

In my home, when she cooks I wash the bathroom,

she sweeps, I mop. She is tired, I make the indomie. I wash the dishes.

I also keep MY home. Because it is mine too.

I know men can do better when we know better.

This is why I am joining the #HeForShe campaign

to remind my brothers that #GenderEquality should also be at home.

Oh, the world would be so much better and we would be so much happier

if we worked together to make every human feel valued.

So, I challenge my married friends @etimeffiong @olumideowolabi

@iamthatpj @chef_fregz @terfatg @jamesomokwe @ikosakioduwa @damioluwatoyinbo

To do the same and share a photo while tagging me, @unwomen and @heforshe

with the hashtags #HeForShe #GenderEquality #HeForSheAtHome #HusbandMaterial.

We stand with the women and use our voices for good. WE MOVE!!”

Akah Nanni