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At Legacy Studio we both provides analog and digital Recording and Mixing services. We work with different genres ranging from afrobeats to rock, pop, punk, dance, electro, folk, jazz, r&b, choral, orchestral. When recording at our facilities it's possible to get variety of sounds thanks to our multi recording rooms with different sound characteristics and a wide selection of instruments at the musicians' disposal.


We provides Mastering services that no other studio offers. Mastering your work with us means assuring the highest audio quality of the mixed tracks enhancing dynamics, volumes, stereophony and frequency contents. During the mastering phase the sound obtained during the mixing is further characterized and customized to assure a perfect reproduction on any audio support and system. Our sound enginners are Africa's best and professionals who have put quality first.


Legacy Studio offers audio Dubbing, Voiceover, Synchronization and Post-Production. The Dubbing can either take place in natural or artificial sound settings. Contact us today for more info on live recordings in natural and artificial environments for the sonorization of short films, documentaries, films, commercials and video clips. Request an estimate for our Synchronization and Post-Production services. We also work existing audio.

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We are a family young creative people who are passionate for music and the arts. We work as a team and combine our talents so we can be of a great service to you.

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