Lai Mohammed Gives Reasons why President Buhari is yet to Address the Nation

Lai Mohammed

As the numbers of infected people in Nigeria continues to increase, Nigerians have become appalled at how president Buhari is yet to make a public speech, and Lai Mohammed seems to know the reason.

As many other countries’ president have come out to address and assure their people, Nigeria’s president happens to be the only one not to have done this.

Speaking on the outrage at the president, Lai Mohammed has revealed that president Buhari will address the nation when the time is right.

Lai Mohammed

Lai said;


“When it is appropriate, Mr President will address the nation. But, I think what you want to hear from Mr President are the kind of things we are telling you.

“This is not to preempt or second guess Mr President, I think he will do the needful.”

Well we don’t know when will be the right time for the president to speak to his people, but all the same we are waiting to hear a word from him.