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“Kim Kardashian is a Prostitute, Her Mother a Pimp” – Host Candace Owens Over S*x Tape

Following the revelation from Ray J that Kris Jenner Orchestrated the Leaked S*x Tape He had with Kim Kardashian, Talk show Host Candace Owens Has a few Harsh words for the Reality Tv Stars

In support of his assertion that Kris Jenner used the sex tape of him and Kim as a vehicle for fame, Ray J presented receipts.

He further stated that in order to get Kim’s best angles, he also alleges that Kris forced them record the sex tape a second and third time.

Kim, 41, and her mother, 66, were attacked over the sex Tape by conservative commentator Candace Owens during her Daily Wire talk show.

Candace said: “Kim Kardashian is a prostitute; her mother is a pimp — worse than a prostitute.”

She continued by criticizing Kris for using sex to make her daughter famous. She claimed Kris’ strategy was successful and that Kim is still selling sex to remain current.

Candace continued: “Kim Kardashian is a corpse; she’s a body without a soul.

"Kim Kardashian is a Prostitute, Her Mother a Pimp" - Host Candace Owens
Candace Owens, Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner

“Kim Kardashian is a Prostitute, Her Mother a Pimp” – Host Candace Owens

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“She is so emblematic of the society that we live in today, that if you are willing to degrade yourself, if you are willing to denigrate yourself, then our society, our American society will give you more.”

She went on: “There are really no words that can adequately describe how positively disgusted I am by the story.

“A mother sat down and decided to sell her daughter’s body for fame and money and she was successful.”

Owens, a mother of two, went further to condemned Jenner for allegedly watching, “various tapes of her daughter having sex with a boyfriend out of wedlock.”

She further commented: “‘Let’s sell this tape, this is the best one, you look the best in this tape, this will make you the most famous’.

“Not only is that disgusting, but then that her plan worked. Kim Kardashian is a billionaire today, and she is, by the way, still selling sex.”

Watch the video of Candace Owens blasting the reality tv stars by clicking HERE



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