Reports are that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are working on major ways to save their marriage.

According to the insider, the couple’s relationship has been heading for the rocks and these changes came ever since Kanye gave his life to christ.

The Couple were reported to have visited a marriage counsellor few years back and it helped their marriage a lot.

Now, they are believing that the same magic will work by visiting a Sex therapist.

Kanye west and Kim

“They have therapy sessions at least once a week where they each vent about their frustrations to an expert,

who gives tips about how to open up and communicate better,” a source told Radar.

Their counselling sessions have been working and things have allegedly taken a turn for the better but the pair are now focused on their problems in the bedroom.

“The therapist is giving them suggestions to put the sizzle back in their sex life.

A source told the outlet: “Kanye is going through a really tough time right now. It is really hard for Kim to deal with.

“She is stressed dealing with his mood swings and manic episodes,” the insider said of how the KKW founder struggles with her husband’s ongoing battle with his mental health.

Well we do hope that both Kanye West and Kim work out their marital issues really soon.

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