Isa Pantami Minister of Communication Speaks on 5G Installation in Nigeria

The minister of communication Isa Pantami has lent his voice on the current concerns of Nigeria Regarding the implementation of 5G in the country.

Although earlier in the month, the minister had denied allegations that they have approved 5G in the country, now he has revealed that he did grant the testing of it in the country.

There has been several theories that the cause of sickness and deaths is not as a result of the virus but the reaction from the 5G planted in foreign countries.

To this end Nigerians have warned the Minister not to implement the planting of 5G in the country.

Fellow Law Maker, Senator Dino Melaye further asserted the same claim about the effects of 5G, according to him, he received threats from foreign bodies to stop speaking about it.

Well Isa Pantami has finally spoken concerning these claims;

He said;


“Firstly, it is not what is said online that government will work with. We are always taking decisions based on the opinions of experts, based on research.

“When it comes to health, we have (the) World Health Organisation and many health bodies.

“I just want you to bring out any research which they have conducted and (in which they) made their position about 5G’s relationship with COVID-19. I am yet to see anyone from the World Health Organisation.

“This is a body that accommodates our experts in health globally. We have ITU, the International Telecommunication Union.

“I just challenge you to let me know one expert or ITU as a body or any other professional body that conducted research and also made it public that this is the position.”

The Minister who revealed that the trial of the 5G network was conducted in Nigeria in November 2019 after it was stalled for about two months,

said the government is expecting the recommendations from the stakeholders before deciding whether or not to deploy the 5G network.

Isa Pantami added;

“There is no approval for any operator to deploy 5G; this decision will be taken after research and we are taking our time. Many countries deployed 5g – the US, UK, Germany, South Korea, India, and many more.

“We are not in any way rushing; we are more interested in doing an extensive investigation so that we will be able to come out with something tangible.”