Ireland and Nigeria Signs MOU to return €5.5M Abacha Loot

Great news as reports are that the Alleged Abacha Loot will soon return to Nigeria

To this end the federal government and Ireland have signed a memorandum of understanding 

to return €5.5 million Sani Abacha loot, a former Nigerian Head of State.

Furthermore Ireland’s minister of justice and equality, Helen McEntee in her statement said it followed an order

recently issued by a court in Ireland regarding the funds.

Meanwhile The return of the Abacha Loot found in a Dublin based bank account

will be the first time the European nation has taken such action.

McEntee said And we quote;

“I am very pleasd to sign this Memorandum of Understanding between Ireland and Nigeria.

This represents the culmination of a long process

which began with an internationally led investigation.

More on the Abacha Loot, Mcentee further said and we quote;

Ireland and Nigeria Signs MOU to return €5.5M Abacha Loot

“The Criminal Assets Bureau took part in this international operation

which led to the freezing of over $1 billion in funds worldwide,

of which approximately €5.5 million was identified in a Dublin based bank account.

“The return of these assets will also be the first time

that Ireland has taken such action and will be a concrete demonstration

of Ireland’s commitment to international cooperation

in the fight against corruption and to assisting countries

which have been adversely affected by corruption in the past,

and is in line with our international obligations

as a signatory to the UN Convention Against Corruption.

“It FURTHER demonstrates the intent of both States

to uphold our shared values and our international obligations to eliminate corruption.”

Also With thus signed memorandum of understanding, the Alleged Abacha Loot will get to Nigeria