Interpol Confirms Arrest of Hushpupi, Reveals Plans to Extradite Him

Ray Hushpupi is the most wanted Hacker in Nigeria

For those who still doubt Hushpupi’s arrest, well the Interpol has confirmed that indeed he is in their custody

Recall that few days ago, Instagram Big Boy Hushpupi was arrested in Dubai over fraud

However, Commissioner of Police (CP) INTERPOL in Nigeria, Garba Umar,

confirms his arrest to The Nation, Saying that plans are on the way to extradite him to Nigeria.

“It is true that Hushpuppi was arrested by the INTERPOL.

We are currently working on bringing him to Nigeria

to face charges of fraud.

Some of the offences were committed here in Nigeria

and he has to also answer for them.

He is not alone in it; there are accomplices in the country

who we are currently on their trail” he Adds

Interpol confirms Hushpupi’s arrest

Hushpuppi and two of his associates, Mr Woodberry and Efe,

were arrested 4 days ago, June 10, by the Interpol

for allegedly hacking into the United States (US) unemployed database

and impersonating citizens qualified for unemployment funds.

According to The Nation, Huspuppi and his accomplices in Nigeria, Dubai

and other countries allegedly defrauded the US government of over $100 million

meant for Native Americans in the battle against the coronavirus pandemic.

However, They were arrest after weeks of investigation by the US Secret Service,

Furthermore following the alarm raised in May about a crime ring of suspected Nigerians

who broke into the personal information of citizens and used false unemployment claims

to cart away hundreds of millions of dollars reserved to help jobless American people.

They were also allege to have file in so many names of Americans

who were still working to various state unemployment offices

and also collected money from the system.

Furthermore They were also allege to have used information stolen from first responders,

government personnel, and school employees.