IK Osakioduwa Blames Wives for Husbands Having Side Chics

Celebrity OAP IK Osakioduwa insinuates that Wives are to be blamed for their husband’s extra marital affair.

The OAP made this shocking revelation while in a live chat with colleague Toke Makinwa.

IK further states that Wives don’t make their husbands feel needed, but side chic out there does.

IK Osakioduwa who stated that he doesn’t believe in the concept of dating down,

maintained that when people are happy with people they are dating no matter their status,

it simply means “dating differently“.

However after Toke Makinwa pointed out that most men can’t handle successful women

IK Osakioduwa reveals reasons why Men have side chics
no matter how much the woman tries to keep the relationship, IK stated that “men have to be needed”.The media personality insinuated that men have side chicks because most times their wives don’t make them feel needed.

He stated that men need to know that their presence is needed, and side chicks most times present such needs.

He backed his claim by saying that God made man and gave him a work to do,

meaning there should be an effect; while God made women and gave her to man, meaning she is relational by nature.

How many believe in this explanation from IK?

Meanwhile, Here is the video below;