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Ifeoma Baby – The Baby Mama: Episode 01

“Ifeoma Baby, are you still lying down on that bed?”

           “Oooh,” Ifeoma Baby grumbled in her room as soon as she heard her mother’s voice from the passage. She dropped her phone immediately and went to get her scarf in her wardrobe.

           Ifeoma’s mom entered the room and saw she was not ready. “You are not ready?”

           Ifeoma Baby is her only child.

           “I’m ready mama, I just want to pick up my scarf!”

“You are ready, like this Ifeoma Baby? Is this what you are wearing to church with me?” Her mother asked, unimpressed.

Ifeoma turned to her mother, and seeing the grim expression on her face, she nodded without saying a word.

           “And you are still saying yes? My friend, change that dress before I pounce on you!”

           “But it is not short,” Ifeoma Baby said, showing her the exact length below her knees.

           “No o, so you are calling me blind abi? Can’t you see it is too tight?” 

Her mother went to meet her where she stood at her wardrobe door, “See how it is showing all your pant line. In fact, why am I wasting my time?”

Her mother shoved her aside and then searched through some of the dresses in her wardrobe. “Oya, take this one. It is long and free.” 

She handed it to her.

           “Mama, I’m no longer a baby that you would be picking clothes for me to wear,” Ifeoma Baby said defiantly but calmly.

           “Ehn? Because you have just finished secondary school, you have become a big girl, abi? If I slap you, your senses will reset to remind you that I am still your mother.” She shouted. “And don’t forget Ifeoma, you are still a baby; my baby! Or you have forgotten why I named you Ifeoma Baby, abi? Now you better change that skirt and stop wasting my time!” 

As soon as she was about to step out, suddenly she turned back and asked Ifeoma, “Who bought that skirt for you?”

“You did” Ifeoma replied, with a frown. Have you ever allowed me to go to the market myself? Ifeoma thought within herself angrily.

           Her mother cast her a suspicious look, “Ehn? Are you sure? Make sure you put it with the other clothes we will take to the motherless babies’ home, okay?”

           Ifeoma wasn’t too pleased. “Yes, ma.”

           “Oya, be fast; we are already running late,” She said as she stepped out of the room.

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Ifeoma Baby and her Scheme

Ifeoma sat down on her bed, frustrated. When was she ever going to be free from her mother’s claws? She could not wait to get into the University. If not because private Universities were too expensive for her, she would have gladly thrown herself into one. 

Even the University of Ibadan her mom had forced her to pick for her JAMB was not far enough. She calculated it was about two and a half hours drive from the house. Ifeoma Baby hated the fact that it was still close to home.

But then, she would look for every means to stay on campus. Her friends had already given her reasons to put forth to her mother. They believed she would have no choice but to leave her to stay on campus.

So, they schemed. 

Unfortunately, her mother would fall for this. Ifeoma Baby was so sure the plan would work that it brought a smile to her face.

All she needed was to clear her admission huddle first. And then she would commence with her secret plan. Ifeoma Baby began fantasizing about the life she would set for herself in the University.

Evidently, she forgot her mother was waiting for her.


Her name pierced through her ears as she jumped off the bed and rushed to wear the gown.

           “I’m coming mama!” She quickly replied.

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What next for Ifeoma Baby and her plan?

Would she succeed in fooling her mother?

Find out in Episode 02 of Ifeoma Baby – The Baby Mama!



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