“Ife” Nigeria’s first ever Lesbian Film set to be Released; See what Censors Board is saying about it

Nollywood is about to experience its first ever Lesbian film titled “Ife”

The announcement was made by one Pamela Adie, a well known LGBQT rights activist

The film stars Uzoamaka Aniunoh and Cindy Amadi. “Ife” tells the tale of two women who fall in love over a three-day date. However, they struggle with the realities of same-s*x love in a country overridden by sanctimony and hypocrisy.

For director/writer, Uyai Ikpe-Etim, Nollywood still struggles to come to terms with properly representing LGBTQ people and “Ife” seeks to change this narrative.

“As a film director and storyteller, I understand how storytelling can be used positively or negatively. I’m always concerned with how stories can be used to build up or to destroy.

I wanted to create something that would restore the dignity of LGBT+ people in Nigeria. Something they could be proud of. I wanted them to see themselves represented as regular humans who fall in love, who have their hearts broken, who break hearts, who love their families etc. Just regular people, who exist, who matter and who deserve to have their stories told. We are pretty much saying with this film, “we are queer, we are here and we are proud”. Said Ikpe-Etim.

Pamela Adie on the other hand, also backs up what Ikpe-Etim had already said

According to her “Ife” is to restore the dignity of the LGBQT people in Nigeria

“Ife” Nigeria’s first ever Lesbian Movie

She further adds that the movie won’t be put on YouTube or placed in the cinemas

Rather it will be placed on a site, and that all who wishes to watch it can go to the site to do it

Adie also hopes that “Ife” can be acquired by Netflix. Furthermore, the movie trailer drops on the 15th of July

The National Film Video and Censors Board (NFVCB) has plans to track down on Nollywood’s first queer film “Ife” which is already in the post-production stage.

According to Premium Times, NFCVB Executive Director, Adedayo Thomas announced in a recent interview that the film and its makers will be tracked and sanctioned.

“As long as it is Nigerian, it will be tracked down. Even those who are involved in it too. Before you get yourself involved in certain things, there must be a contract. What is the contract? Ignorance of the law is not an excuse.

If you say you’re shooting a movie on the conception of lesbianism, fine, that is the work. It has not gotten to our table, when it gets to our table, we will know that this is what we are going to do.” He said.