Governor El-Rufai says Presidency Should Return to the South in 2023

Kaduna state Governor El-Rufai has spoken up on the issue of the marginalization the south south and south east are facing concerning the presidency seat

For a while now, there has been calls for the Leadership of the nation to be duly shared amongst all the regions of the country

El-Rufai who said this in an interview with BBC Hausa on Saturday August 8, added that he won’t be supporting any northerner to succeed President Muhammadu Buhari in 2023.

Governor El-Rufai says Presidency Should Return to the South in 2023

El-Rufai further stated that though the idea of rotating the presidency may not be constitutional, it is based on the country’s political arrangement.

He said and we Quote;


“In Nigerian politics, there is a system of rotation,

in which everyone agrees that if the north rules for eight years,

the south will Also rule for eight years.

“That is why I came out and said

that after President Buhari has been in office for eight years,

no northerner should run for office.

Let the Southerners also have eight years.

El-Rufai further stated that

“If you look at how I am, I don’t take anyone

to work with me for the zone he came from.

The eligibility I look at is if who is entrusted

to the public will hold it properly.

“It has been said that I have loved the presidency

since I was a minister in the FCT.

This is nonsense. I do not want the Nigerian presidency.

God gives power, whether you like it or not,

if He wants it, He will give it to you,

but I have never sought the presidency of Nigeria,

no one can say I have ever sought it.”