Federal Government Moves to Place Travel Ban After Confirmed 3rd Case of Coronavirus

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On Tuesday, March 17th 2020, a 3rd fresh case was confirmed in Lagos state Nigeria, and this has prompted the federal government to make a move concerning containing the spread of the virus in the country.

The new case is reported to be different from the former, as she was said to have arrived Nigeria from the UK on March 13th.

She carried out a 14 day self isolation and thereafter was confirmed to have contracted the virus. She is currently receiving treatment.

Meanwhile, the senate has continued to press for a travel Ban to be placed on countries who have been majorly affected by the virus.

Federal Government makes move as 3rd case confirmed in Nigeria

Federal Government on Tuesday maintained that there is no need for border closure, instead, they pkaced a travel ban on public officers in the country not to travel to any foreign nation.

Asides that, all passengers coming in from other foreign countries are to observe self isolation for 14 days.

Many Nigerians have called out the government for being irresponsible, as other countries are closing down flights and restricting entrance.

We just hope that this doesn’t get out of hand.