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Ebubeagu Killings; Survivor Recounts Scary Experience

Over the weekend, Sunday to be precise, 14youths who were returning from a traditional wedding at Awo Omamma in Imo state were shot dead by members of Ebubeagu

Ebubeagu is the Imo state owned security formed by the government to curb local crisis and attacks as well

Meanwhile in an interview with Punch, one of the survivors, Chidiebube Okeoma shared the terrifying experience that led to the death of his 7 siblings

Narrating how his seven brothers were killed, the emotionally laden borehole driller, Nnanna

whose immediate younger brother, Chijioke Nnanna, was the one who wedded traditionally on that day,

told The PUNCH that but for the grace of God, he would have been a dead man.

He said that he pleaded with the Ebubeagu security outfit to spare his wife.

The father of two said that while the suspects shot dead his six brothers

who were on three motorcycles ahead of him, he then told his other brother who was driving him and another person to make a U-Turn.

He said that the Ebubeagu security operatives came after them and eventually met them, shot the driver dead and shot the other on his left arm.

Ebubeagu Killings; Survivor Recounts Scary Experience

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Ebubeagu Killings; Survivor Recounts Scary Experience

“As we sped, we got to a road bump and fell down. They caught up with us and immediately shot dead the driver

and shot the other person on his arm. I immediately started shouting, telling them that we were not criminals nor ESN people.

“As they approached, I identified their leader and asked him not to kill me. One of them had already cocked his gun to shoot me but he ordered him to stop.

I was then bundled into their operational vehicle, tied and blindfolded.

Chidi further explained that He had to take the Ebubeagu men to the venue where his brother’s wedding held

And was later let off to go free.

Chidi also called on the government to serve Him justice for the death of His brothers who died without being criminals or any provocation.

Meanwhile the Imo state has ruled off the killings as Bandits being repelled

Reports are that Ebubeagu commander is currently on the run



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