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Docas – The Seductive New Marketer

Tale of a Seductive Corporate Marketer

Dorcas – the new staff marketer – was getting set to be introduced to the rest of the staff. The MD of Bonny Properties Estate Managers, Mrs. Angel Desmond, beamed with smiles as she addressed the staff in the usual Monday meetings.

“I am so happy to be alive this Monday morning of this new month! And I am sure you all are equally happy.”

Mrs. Angel read their faces, then continued. “Judging from last month’s turnover, I believe we are striving hard. Soonest, we would get to our destination. 

Then she paused. And continued, “But before I go ahead with the wonderful target and our strategies for the month, I would like to introduce our new staff. She would be operating in our Marketing Unit as a marketer. Please welcome, Miss Dorcas Ekubo!”

Miss Dorcas Ekubo, in her grey leather straight skirt and green silk long-sleeved body-hugging top, stood up gracefully for recognition. She smiled in appreciation as they gave her welcoming applause. 

Smiling with her cupid-shaped red-painted lips, she adjusted her non-recommended glasses. Then she made a bow in appreciation for their smiles and claps.

Miss Dorcas – the new staff marketer – looked official, smart, and stylish. She looked exotic with wrapped-up braids in doughnut style and matching accessories. 

Fashion had always been her sixth sense; winning hearts with her smile was her first sense

The applause went on longer than usual. 

On the other hand, the men among them could not help but gaze upon her slim hourglass figure.

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Dorcas – The New Staff Marketer

Eventually, everyone stopped clapping, except for Ore. He was lost in his lustful stare and did not realise the silence now in the room.

           “Mr. Freeman,” Mrs. Desmond called his attention back to reality. 

Ore did not hear her.

She called again, “Mr. Freeman!”

Suddenly, like someone tapped into consciousness from a dream, he snapped back into reality. And then he blinked uncontrollably. Before he finally faced Mrs. Desmond. “Madam,” he replied sheepishly.

Many in the room giggled at his boyish act. 

He was a shy and impressionable young man. But no one could contest his intelligence in digital media strategizing. That area of expertise was one of the reasons he was kept in the company.

           The MD ignored him and continued. “Now that I have all your attention, shall we begin with what we have for this month?”

The secretary began to distribute papers around the table for everyone in preparation for her presentation. Then the Unit Heads were to take up the stand, then the questions and answers session.

Finally, the meeting will be wrapped up after all doubts and ignorance have been clarified and notified.

It was a long meeting that lasted for two hours. Everyone seemed excited and ready to talk during the questions and answers time.

On the other hand, Miss Dorcas Ekubo was extremely quiet. She was calm compared to the known introverts she could identify already at the meeting. Dorcas was basically studying everyone, trying to get their weaknesses and strengths. She paid particular attention to her unit members, one of whom is Mr. Ore Freeman.

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Dorcas Gets Acquainted

The most outspoken of them Dorcas learnt was Jane – Jane Momoh. Jane Momoh was a marketing graduate of the famous University of Lagos. She was not all that bad and sounded like she knew what she was doing. She showed this when their targets were thrown at them. 

While strategizing how to go about their marketing objectives, Jane had challenged some plans so fiercely. And eventually, some things were changed as a result.  

To Miss Dorcas Ekubo, it was a bit hard to comprehend all of it. She had always dreamt of being a working-class lady operating in one of the biggest firms in the country. Although she had little experience and recommendation, fate somehow had brought her to this moderate organization. Bonny Properties Estate Managers was not so big an organization but held good promise. 

Ultimately, she saw it as a starting point in her career. She definitely would find her way around things and probably get a contact that would link her up to one of those big organisations later in the future. So, Dorcas put her scheme in perspective and then smiled secretly.

The fierce argument that ensued quietened down at this point as solutions and decisions were now being proffered.

           Mrs. Desmond turned to Dorcas, “Miss Ekubo.”

Dorcas was not expecting her name to be called.

“Yes, madam,” she replied sharply and politely.

           “You seem a little quiet. And I would not want to mistake it for being distant from the meeting.”

Dorcas smiled as she rose.

Everyone stared in awe at her beautiful figure and flawless skin.

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Dorcas – The New Staff Marketer

Dorcas felt it was the right time to speak up. “I am not in any way distant from here Ma. Actually, I was trying not to be too forward. Firstly, I would like to thank you all for the welcoming applause. It is such awe-inspiring to see everyone happy to have me here. 

“And concerning this meeting, it was an eye opener for me. I was following the advice of not being hasty to speak but quick to listen. I had to sink in and observe since it is my first time. 

She smiled apologetically at the lady she mentioned. “Please pardon my quietness. But I promise at the next meeting, it would be my voice heard the most, even more than that of Miss Jane,”

Instantly, almost everyone giggled in the room at the supposed light joke, except Jane. Jane did not take that as funny or light-hearted. She flashed a smile back in Dorcas’ direction in an attempt not to seem rude. But her façade did not last long before she returned to her stern-looking demeanour, wondering why everyone saw Dorcas’ comment as funny.

           The MD commended Dorcas on her boldness and sense of humour. And she made it clear to Dorcas that she would expect her contributions at the next meeting, just as she had said. 

Mrs. Angel Desmond

Mrs. Angel Desmond was very friendly with everyone. She never bothered herself with the personal life of the staff members as far as one is doing their job. One could describe her as being ruthless and heartless. Some others, however, see her as being a nice person. Ultimately, she was unpredictable that way. 

You could only predict her emotions when you did a good job. No matter how sad or angry she was, she would always smile at a good job. 

The unit heads were best to liaise with her more than mere staff, as the majority were pioneer staff of the company.

It was such a relief that the meeting was over for Dorcas. She could not wait to get to her desk. She had no idea what kind of work would be given to her. However, she believed in herself so much not to disappoint, regardless of whatever came her way. And as she expected, Mr. Ore Freeman was already purring on her like a cat the instant they stepped into their Unit Room.

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