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“Do DNA for all Your Children, Period!” – OAP Destiny Amaka Advises Men

In the wake of several cases of Men finding out that their kids don’t belong to them, Popular OAP, Destiny Amaka has an advise for men

The Radio host who was reacting to a video of a man crying out after finding out his child isn’t His, said every man must carry out a DNA, regardless

Writing on Instagram, Destiny Amaka wrote and we quote;

My brothers and uncles and cousins all know how I deal with this. F*ck emotions and sentiments oh

MEN! I dnt care how long you’ve been married I know why i’m saying this ooooo unless you don’t care nigga go do a DNA test for all your children period.!

Even if you feel the child looks like you my friend will you go and do dna!

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Look Kwa!!! let me not talk too muc but after a while they will start saying the child looks like a distant relative blah blah blah

Better to have peace of mind than doubt and if the child ain’t yours

If your heart can handle it biko continue to be a god parent to that child.

You can also read more of her comment below;

"Do DNA for all Your Children, Period!" - OAP Destiny Amaka Advises Men

Now the question is, should men take OAP Destiny Amaka advise and damn the consequence? or should they continue to trust their partners?



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