Coronavirus; US Moves to Evacuate it’s Citizens from Nigeria


As the cases of Coronavirus in Nigeria continue to increase, the United States Government is making moves to evacuate its citizens from the country.

The US Embassy and Consulate in Nigeria made this known on Friday evening through a notice titled ‘Health Alert: US Mission in Nigeria.’

In the statement, the US consulate advised it’s citizens to be in Lagos or Abuja so that a joint flight can move them out of Nigeria.

Meanwhile for those who are in other states of the country, they are advised to make their way to Lagos and Abuja while domestic flights are still on.


“We will email US citizens immediately once we have flight details, routes, and costs.

“US citizens who are considering returning to the United States are urged to travel to Abuja or Lagos as soon as possible.

“The Embassy and Consulate are unable to assist with lodging, food, or transportation costs, and some hotels have closed or are closing.