Bobrisky Shows up as a Man to His Father’s Birthday (Video)

Popular male cross dresser Bobrisky seems to have abandoned that part of him and become a real man for his father

In a surprising video making its rounds on social media, Bob is seen dressed like a man

Yes guys, no wigs, makeup, nails or female clothes

He didn’t show up as a Bobrisky, rather he showed up as Idris Okuneye

The party he attended was that of his dad’s birthday party

So maybe He just wanted to give his dad that respect and come as a son

so Asides riding in a convoy to his father’s residence,

the crossdresser turned up in a male outfit.

He removed his nails, had no wig on and also wore a long black jalabia to the party.

Recall also that Bobrisky was in the news recently for a 30milliom Naira deal gone sour

The influencer had signed a deal but didn’t keep his end of the bargain

After gaining release, the crossdresser bragged about how she doesn’t steal small money but big ones

Bobrisky is also an ardent supporter of Hushpupi who was recently arrested 

Infact Bob has been campaigning for his release, while bashing others for being hypocrites

Here is the video below;