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Bobrisky And Papaya Ex Fights Dirty At An Event; Here is The Full Gist Plus Videos

What began as an online war has now quickly spiraled into a physical battle between influencers Bobrisky and Papaya Ex

Recall that recently Bobrisky took to her instagram story to diss Papaya, calling her a copycat who wanted to be like Him.

We all thought it was the usual online tantrums to get our attention, well not until it turned into a full blown fight between the two

Well on sunday, both online arch enemies were spotted at an event

In the video fast making rounds, Bobrisky could be seen seated at one side of the event, while Papaya Ex backed him.

Bobrisky And Papaya Ex Fights Dirty At An Event; Here is The Full Gist
Bobrisky and Papaya Ex

The brand influencer and her gang were seen stylishly throwing shades at Bobrisky, who kept his cool.

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The crossdresser, however, didn’t hold it for long as he threw his table water at her.

Luckily for Papaya, the bottle didn’t meet her.

In another clip, Papaya could be seen giving a mocking dance step to Bobrisky, who was trying to maintain class at the event.

The crossdresser was so furious that he warned people to stop recording him.

See the videos below

Meanwhile, Narrating the incident, Bobrisky stated that he would have beaten Papaya up, but people held him back.

He questioned why the Instagram influencer came with police, if she wasn’t afraid of him.

Bob further revealed that he was so furious that he wanted to tear her beads at the event.

He however promised to beat up the social media influencer anytime they cross paths again

But guys, just like many others online, who else thinks this was staged?



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