Bill Gate Accused Of Being The Brain Box Behind COVID19 Pandemic On Instagram

Bill Gates Coronavirus

Bill Gates Coronavirus Bill Gates posted a Thank you Message to health care workers and his followers immediately attacked him

and if you go the instagram page to read,you will be in shock..

The comment section has a link which alleges his email is being hacked

and it was discovered that he owns the lab that grew the virus in Wuhan……

He has been deleting some comments and the dragging has continued.

but then came the comments. For example,

@realcandaceowens said,

“Looks like your #coronavirus fame has backfired, hardcore. Going to have to pass on any vaccines you’re cooking up as well— but I do wish you well.”

Then @thedorianyates wrote,

“One day you will answer for your crimes …if you desire population reduction
why not start with yourself and your children ..who are not vaccine.”

There were various anti-vaccination messages and even suggestions that Bill Gates wants to put microchips in people to track them.


Again, all of this after Gates posted no more than a thank-you-health-care-workers message.

Isn’t that like trying to punch a person in the face after he or she says thank you to someone else?

Furthermore, the messages didn’t really provide much evidence behind their claims.

Where is the evidence that Gates “desires” population reduction or hasn’t had his children vaccinated?

Bill Gates has contributed substantially to the development and delivery of vaccines around the world.

These vaccines continue to prevent potential life-threatening diseases such as measles and polio,

which would be the opposite of “population reduction.”

After all, without such vaccines how else could the spread of these infectious pathogens be prevented?

By implementing social distancing measures forever?

By saying, “stay inside indefinitely, so that you can flatten these five curves.”

Yeah, that would go over real well.

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic shows what happens

when an infectious pathogen spreads without a vaccine available.