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Bandits Launch Fresh Attacks on Kuje Prison, Abuja

The Kuje Prison has suffered a major attack from Bandits on Tuesday 5th July 2022

According to reports the bandits launched the attack using explosives

All hopes to get in contact with the spokesperson of the FCT Police command, Josephine Adeh has proved futile as she is yet to respond to messages.

Meanwhile a man who seems to be in the prison yard made a video in which he alerted the public of the gun attacks

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Bandits Launch Fresh Attacks on Kuje Prison, Abuja

We are yet to confirm of there was anu casualties from the attacks, but will file out more information as they unfold

There has been a number of consistent attacks by Bandits in Abuja, Kuje Prison will make it the second attack in the last 1month.

It seems the activities of these bandits won’t be ending any time soon

Instead it is on the increase as they no longer operate only in the bushes

but also now in towns, residential areas, churches, estates and now Prisons.

Abuja Residents have also raised concerns as they no longer feel safe in their own homes

Ironically this is the Nation’s capital and if its not even safe from bandit attacks, we then wonder where else would

Meanwhile check out the video of the attack by clicking HERE



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