5 More Cases of Coronavirus confirmed in Nigeria, One Suspected in Katsina


In a new twist of things, there have been an added 5 confirmed Coronavirus cases to the already 3 confirmed case in Nigeria, shooting the figures from 3 to 8.

Apart from the 5 new cases, one more suspected case has also been reported in Katsina, the northern part of the country.

This was revealed by the NCDC who got the information from the Federal Ministry of Health.

The reports are that the 5 new confirmed cases all had travel history to the UK and the US.

Though not much information was given about the new cases, the government is urging all Nigerians not to be alarmed as the ministry is handling all issues with care.

Furthermore, we gave you reports of how Federal government has banned all flights coming in from highly effected Nations with the coronavirus.

And have also stopped issuing visas to foreigners from those countries.

Hence all Nigerians must strive towards safety by washing their hands regularly and using the hand sanitizer.