Win Big In The Photo Africa Contest Season 2

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Hello Africa!!! Are you interested in representing your country in showcasing your self beauty, style and culture?
Are you an individual stepping in to become famous?
Are you passionate of being the face of a huge model enterprise?
Do you want to be ranked high among individuals in Africa?
GUESS WHAT? This is for you. PhotoAfrica is a world leading online contest set to display Africa in it’s beauty, style and glamour in its all-encompassing essence, promoting multiculturalism in Africa.
This year, PhotoAfrica is hosting over 13 countries with contestants representing their various country culture.
20 Ambassadors,  3 Winners ,  1 Platform,  1 Continent.
SouthAfrica,  Zimbabwe,  Tanzania,  Ghana,  Nigeria,  Cameroon,  RepublicDemocraticOfCongo(DRC),  Benin,  Senegal,  Togo,  kenya,  Malawi,  Uganda… And many more to mention few. Are you all ready for the biggest online Photo Contest in Africa?
…And here’s what interesting the most; PhotoAfrica is for all. Lawyers, doctors, business individuals, models, students etc. anyone and everyone. Photo Africa invites members from varying backgrounds as its aim is to show the objectification of beauty of racial identities and standards and in the long run strive to restore the fluidity in the appreciation of our culture.
Win big by just taking pictures; $3, 000
What are you waiting for?
Register now for PhotoAfrica Season 2


We believe every individual has an inborn gift that sets them apart from others and these gift lie in the uniqueness of culture and self attributes. We want to elevate them and putting the reality in a picture representation is the essence of Photo Africa.

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