Watch Hilarious Video of Davido and B’red in Church

Davido and B'red in church

I bet you guys, this video of Davido and B’red will be the most hilarious thing you will find on the internet today.

Apparently, Davido and His cousin went with family to church on monday, and we could get a glimpse of what their church life look like.

The video isn’t suggestive in any way, but it trended all the same, because the reaction from David is everything and more.

The singer looked like he would prefer to be balling in the club than being in church.

Davido and B'red in church

While his sister danced happily next to Him, the 30bg boss was clapping his hands and moving like someone forced Him to.

Please next time, no one should drag papa Ifeanyi to church. Lol

Check out the video below;