Brymo Blasts Critics for Calling Him “Underrated”

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Nigerian singer, Brymo has finally reacted to claims that he is “Underrated” in the music industry.

According to the singer, he is not Underrated, rather it is the social media influencers and media personalities that don’t give much credence to his work.

Brymo who has released some amazing body of works over the years have been relegated to the background,

as other artiste like Naira Marley and others lead in the fore front.

In a tweet posted to his page, the singer  wrote: ‘I’m not underrated, it is industry media and influencers that are retarded..’

brymo tweet

Well to a certain extent, the singer is right, If social media and industry influencers put more weight behind great artistes with good music, then the whole world will listen.

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