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From the way speak you can tell he is passionate about people, Banky W who has join the ring of politics has several times spoken on the issues bothering the common citizens.
Recently he has been granting interviews and speaking at public functions on the need to change the way citizens interact with their #Representatives

Having ran and manged big businesses like EME and other reputable organizations successfully , there no doubt the entertainment businessman is capable of succeeding at the government level. But will he be able to do that without stepping on toes? Lets face it, Banky W is an entertainer and business is what he is good at but I doubt is he knows and understands the game the politicians play.

the big question of who is your representative

“politicians are BAMBOOZLING the people and that has got to stop”

Who is your Representative? Is it just about shouting “Honorable!!” and “Your Excellency” and “Anything for your boys”?? I spoke at a church gathering with over 3,000 ppl, and only 5 ppl knew who their reps were. So how do you hold someone accountable when U don’t even know of reps

“Met a guy who said he’d only ever seen his Rep on a poster during election season, and in the lobby of the Hilton in Abuja. Is that a Representative?? Wish we could stop calling our leaders “Honourable” and “Your Excellency” until they do something that deserves those titles”.


You can feel the Force flowing through him. There is no reasonable doubt that Banky will performed but the question of whether he will be allowed to do-

what he has promised is another question.

“This is what it’s all about. Abeg…is anybody else ready to take a step of faith with us???

Banky W who is contesting under the umbrella of Modern Democratic Party (MDP) on February 10th encouraging his supporters that together they are going to take the country to another dimension.

We had a concert instead of a rally. We’re more of a movement than a Party. We will fix Nigeria, one community at a time. Open the door for credible people to do the same across the country. And we are We are Feb 16th is only the beginning


mdp rallyThere is evident that the people of Eti Osa and and Obalende communities actually love Mr Banky.

Who is going to win the seat to represent these communities at the federal level is the issues. Banky W has the Backing of the whole Nigeria Entertainment Industry and the public as well while his counterparts like  Ibrahim Babajide Obanikoro is a bone in the throat.

My analysis of who is likely to win the seat.

I need no help on this one but to say based on the reception and connectivity, Banky W has more.

people behind him and money too.

While  Ibrahim Babajide Obanikoro has the backing of the biggest god-fathers of politics and monopoly money to back him up. standing by. Don’t be too proud of this technological terror you’ve constructed. The ability to differentiate between these two amongst the

other contestant is parallel and is it going to be a fight that every one is willing to watch.

Banky is a good person as pointed out by Davido. But Politics is a gain of numbers and been good has not helped many politicians either.

The members only theory

The possibilities of the Banky W winning is there but he must not take his opponents for granted.

More than likely every person in Eti Osa and Lagosians as a whole is ready to bank on Banky W. But the big question again is will he keep his promises to the people os Eti Osa?

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